Benefits of Collagen for Health

Benefits of Collagen for Health

You may often hear about "collagen" through health experts, beauty experts and maybe even your best friends. Collagen is the keyword of people who pay attention in the field of beauty. Collagen can be found in various forms ranging from cosmetics, creams, powders to pills. As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is found in your skin, muscles, blood, bones and ligaments.

You might want to get any important points in your collagen

• Can improve skin elasticity
• Protect organs
• Bringing together muscles and bones
• Form structures for tendons and joints

The good news is that your body turns out to produce collagen regularly, but that production slows down with age. Other lifestyle habits can bring collagen production such as smoking, sun exposure and an unhealthy diet. A number of health conditions can also greatly deplete your collagen. Without collagen, your skin may look wrinkled and sagging and can even experience joint pain.
Here are some benefits if you consume collagen:

First, relieve your joint pain

You may feel stiff and feel a painful joint when your cartilage worsens and weakens. It is possible if you increase your collagen intake, you can reduce joint pain and reduce symptoms of arthritis. In a 2009 study, participants who took collagen made from chicken necks for 90 days showed a decrease in their own inflammatory symptoms. While 33% experienced a decrease in the severity of symptoms.

Second, it can delay skin aging

One of the best-known benefits of collagen is its ability to make skin appear glowing. This essential protein can give elasticity to the skin and help make it look younger and healthier. But with age and decreased production of collagen, fine lines, loose skin and dryness can occur. So, what will happen if you increase collagen intake with supplements?

A study published in 2014 selected 46 of 69 women aged 35 to 55 years to take collagen supplements. Other group members took placebos. The women who took collagen showed increased skin elasticity within four weeks.

Third, it helps build muscle and reduce fat

Collagen is a major component of muscles. So it's not surprising that collagen has a big impact on those who are building muscle mass. Collagen also contains the amount of glycine, an amino acid involved in creatine synthesis. This can provide the necessary muscle fuel through exercise. So, what happens when you add collagen to your exercise routine?
There is not much research on exercise and collagen. But in the 2015 study, 53 older men experienced a decrease in muscle mass due to aging. 12 weeks later, they took supplements along with endurance training to see fat loss and muscle strength better than the placebo group.

Fourth, improve digestive health

Collagen is in the intestinal connective tissue and can help strengthen the protective lining of your digestive tract. This is very important as your intestinal barrier or known as leaky bowel syndrome that allows particles to enter the bloodstream. This can cause inflammation.
A 2003 study that looked at 170 people with inflammatory disease found that they were more likely to have lower serum collagen levels. The current theory is that by increasing collagen intake, you can help build tissues that can coat your digestive tract and can improve intestinal health better.

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