Easy Ways to Handle Stress

Easy Ways to Handle Stress

Stress is a certainty for modern humans. Stress can have many triggers such as work, school or personal problems. Stress, although initially psychic, can eventually lead to physical. But take it easy because there are many ways to manage it.

Here are some ways to reduce stress.

If you have one minute …

1.Balance your breathing

Experts say that slowing down breathing can get you out of "fighting or running" which can help you reduce the stress hormone cortisol. According to Erin Telford, a certified respiratory healer, there is a quick exercise that helps you to relax. You can inhale and exhale through your nose to count five in and out. You can do this for a full minute and you begin to feel the tension that will leave your body.

2.Trigger Pressure Points

Your body has a button to release stress. There is a pericardium 6 (PC 6) located between the tendons, 2 or 3 fingers wide above the center of the wrist. Research shows that using your finger to suppress PC6 can have a calming effect on the central nervous system (CNS).

If you have 5 minutes …

1.Sucking Mint

When you work, your brain enters the network with a default mode (DMN) that is associated with depression and repetition several times. In DMN, your brain is connected by bringing up tasks that cannot be completed which can make you unable to enjoy the moment. But by sucking mint, this can activate your task-positive network (TPN) which can turn off the DMN. It is recommended to suck sugar-free Spearmint Pur Mints ($ 2 to 20).

2. Give a hug to yourself

This hug is not an ordinary hug. This is a special hug. The trick is that you can put your right hand on your left shoulder and cross your left hand up to touch your right shoulder. Then, do the applause repeatedly one by one for five minutes. Experts believe that bilateral stimulation and stimulation on both sides of the body can produce physiological relaxation responses such as when you hold a baby to sleep.

3.Remove Clutter

A chaotic environment can create more pressure. You can take a few minutes to clean yourself. You will feel better too. These benefits exist 2. Organized areas can create feelings of control and clarity. But research shows that completing a task with your hand can calm and have a therapeutic effect on the brain.

If you only have 10 minutes ...

1. Think Good Things

You can think about good things or positive things by remembering how happy you feel on your wedding day? How is your vacation to your favorite place? When you are feeling stressed, you can imagine yourself in a happy and safe place. This really helps you reduce your stress. Creating beautiful memories can help you calm yourself from negative emotions. Are you having trouble imagining it? Then, immediately take your cellphone and you can start seeing your photos.

2. Consume this food

Anxious feelings will arise when you are anxious. Your central nervous system may be blamed. Your CNS can become overly excited when the body tries to process chronic and relentless stress. You can try tasting lemon balm or passion flower which are both considered to calm the central nervous system.

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