Try One Month Sugar Diet Is Significantly Good for Your Health

Try One Month Sugar Diet Is Significantly Good for Your Health

If you follow the latest health trends, you might like the idea of diet detoxification. But it's important for you to consider making juice, fasting, or cleaning yourself to lose weight or improve your health. You may realize that drastically reducing food is not effective for a long-term lifestyle approach. In fact, strict detoxification can cause a number of problems such as fatigue, dizziness and low blood sugar.
However, there is one type of detox that is very useful, according to some experts that reducing sugar in the diet can help you lose weight and improve your health can even make your skin look more glowing. Sugar, however, can make a person overweight according to research in recent years. Sugar is also a major cause of heart disease and can affect the skin. It causes premature aging.

Addicted to Sugar

The bad news is, no one can stop consuming sugar. People have a real dependence on sugar. This is indeed some kind of opium. What we should be aware of is the amount of added sugar in our food that is very often hidden in food. Although ice cream is a clear source of sugar, other foods that may not taste sweet like salad dressing, tomato sauce and bread, contain sugar in them.
How to Detox with Sugar

1. Visiting Turkey for 3 days

Even though you are not a sugar addict, you can remove sugar from your food. The result is that you can lose excess weight, feel better and have a brighter appearance. Even children can get many benefits. Research shows that when obese children remove extra sugar from their food for 9 days, every aspect of their metabolic health increases even though there is no change in body weight or total calories consumed. Visiting Turkey in the winter will be very successful, at least in the beginning.
When visiting Turkey in the winter, there is one positive thing that can be taken that is to reset someone's tongue. They can feel the natural sugar in fruits, vegetables and milk which is usually very boring.
During the first 3 days, try not to consume sugar at all and also not consume fruits, vegetables, milk, wheat and alcohol. For example, you can have breakfast with 3 eggs, lunch with 6 ounces of poultry, fish or tofu and green salad and dinner with portions as big as lunch with boiled vegetables such as broccoli, kale and spinach that can be made salad. Snacks are one ounce of beans. Whereas drinks can be in the form of water, tea and black coffee without sugar.

2. Apples taste sweet like candy

After 3 days stop consuming sugar, you can add apples. On the fourth day, you will taste apple as sweet as candy. Your tongue will experience recalibration and you will begin to feel natural sugar. You can add one apple and one food containing milk every day such as cheese or yogurt. You can also add some vegetables that contain higher sugar such as carrots as a high-fiber daily cracker.
During the second week, you can add berries that are rich in antioxidants and special milk. You can also add vegetables that contain flour like sweet potatoes and pumpkins in the winter.
For the third week, you can add menus like grains such as barley, oatmeal and some fruits including grapes and clementine's. You can drink a glass of red wine for one week and one ounce of dark chocolate every day.

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