Extreme and dangerous types of diet for the body

Extreme and dangerous types of diet for the body

The main goal of a person on a diet is to reduce weight. Diet is needed if the body is obese or overweight. Diet is also important for maintaining blood pressure, balancing cholesterol, blood sugar levels and so on. However, dietary indicators are generally calculated from the weight that was successfully reduced. The numbers on the weight scale are the parameters that determine the success of a diet program. The desire to accelerate the time to lose weight appears.
Dieters think that the faster the body loses weight, the more successful it is. The desire to pursue large and fast results can make someone prefer a shortcut to dieting. Even if the extreme diet is willing to be done to lose weight.
Here are some types of extreme diets done:
Diet Juice
The juice diet program recommends that someone consume fruit juice and fresh vegetable juice for at least three glasses in one day. This diet causes unbalanced nutrition. Eating fruits and vegetables makes a person lose energy from carbohydrates, fats, proteins and minerals. Based on the recommended method, this type of diet is not too healthy even though the weight will quickly go down this way. But weight also easily rises if the diet returns to normal. If you go on a diet of this juice continuously then you may suffer from anemia and the bones will lack calcium. Fruit juice can affect blood sugar pressure for a long time.
Sugar Diet
Many types of diet programs suggest avoiding various types of sugar and glucose from fruits to dairy products. This diet recommends that you reduce the use of sugar and consumption of carbohydrates. This recommendation is unrealistic and also not healthy. The main impact of this diet is the risk of anemia, constipation, fatigue and lack of energy.
Stomach Wash Diet
This is a 10-day diet program and was introduced by Stanley Burroughs in 1941, this diet recommends consuming Lemon or maple syrup. The main idea is detoxification. The body is believed to have to remove all the toxins inside to lose weight and treat diseases. So, the food consumed for 10 days is only lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. But some people only do it for 45 days. Finally, there are many risks of diseases that arise due to lack of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs for a long time.
Diet One Type of Food
There is no single food that provides the most complete and perfect nutrition needed by the body. This diet program actually asks dieters to consume just one type of food such as wine or cabbage. Only one type of food and no more. Of course this kind of program is very unhealthy even though it is done in the short term. Your weight may go down very quickly but it does not reduce fat but instead will lose muscle and fluid. Its long-term impacts are anemia, osteoporosis, fatigue, lack of energy, diarrhea and so on.
Diet Sleeping Beauty
This diet is done by increasing sleep time to reduce the need to eat so that the perpetrators of this diet program are done using a shortcut that is taking tranquilizers. The danger that might arise is a weak body, lack of energy and psychological disorders. You will experience dependence on drugs that cause depression and mental disorders.

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