Unique Diet Methods Worldwide

Unique Diet Methods Worldwide

Many people try to lose weight. Diet methods also appear in various forms. One of the most popular types of diet is fad diet. You might be familiar with the Mayo diet. Whereas people from different parts of the world have a fad diet pattern that is quite unique and even tends to be unreasonable.

Many experts advise dieters to avoid fad diets. But there is no harm in knowing the types of unique dietary fad patterns that exist in several parts of the world. Who knows you will find one diet pattern that you think is quite rational and you are also interested in trying to lose weight.

1. Japan, Long Breath Diet

Japanese society has a low level of obesity due to a healthy diet. But they have a fad diet that is quite unique. One of their diet fad is the Long Breath Diet. This diet was created by actor Ryosuke Miki who started doing breathing exercises every day to reduce back pain. From here, he realized that if he weighed down to 12 kg for 50 days he was on a diet. From the point of view of fitness and knowledge, breathing is proven to help train your core muscles and make you fitter, even though your body weight does not go down.

2. China, the Sun Diet

The sun diet is a dietary fad pattern that is quite popular in China. In this diet program, you will be asked not to consume one food and replace it by looking at the sun for 44 minutes every day. The goal is to absorb solar energy into your body. Dieters believe that this can help reduce appetite, improve sleep and improve vision. Dieters are encouraged to protect their skin even though this can prevent absorption of vitamin D.

3. Latin America, the Wolf Man Diet

This diet is not related to consumption of wolf meat. Diet The werewolf or known as the moon diet recommends the perpetrators to eat according to the moon phase based on the principle of gravity. These dieters believe that the moon's gravity affects the water content of the human body so they can use it to detoxify and lose weight. This diet can be done by fasting 24 hours when the full moon and recommends eating certain foods according to the phase of the moon's movement.

4. Mexico, Tongue Patching Diet

Patch Fillings This tongue is done by sewing medical gauze on the tongue. This gauze was installed for six weeks. This will make dieters feel sick when eating so that dieters can only consume food in liquid form at 800 calories per day. The goal is not to provide pain but so that dieters are aware of what they eat, especially when the patch is removed. Just imagining is horrifying.

5. Spain, Diet Sandwich

 Sandwiches are never considered a diet food. But Spanish women have a fad diet pattern with sandwiches. They replace one of their daily dishes with a sandwich. But, there are conditions. The food they ate had to fit between two sheets of whole wheat bread. There should be no snacks or extra food.

If you think about it, they use this method to control the portion of the meal. Eating a sandwich is a fun way to diet.

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