Health Benefits of Me-Time

Health Benefits of Me-Time

Health Benefits of Me-Time

Loneliness does not mean loneliness. Many people consider themselves to be lonely or anti-social. In fact, people who themselves are not necessarily lonely. They might want to spend time on their own. This alone time is usually called "me-time". Spending time alone can make you feel happier. Spending time alone has various health benefits. Unlike loneliness that can cause various diseases, me-time can be your moment to relax and make your body healthy.

Here are some of the benefits of me time or time alone for the body:

Recharge power

If you feel overwhelmed with work such as meetings, phone calls, text messages, parties and so on it can make you tired because you have to move your body there and here. In this situation, you need time to be alone and rest. Thus, you have the opportunity to relax your nerves and thoughts. The pressure is reduced and you can come back fresh.
Me time can be done while bathing, bathing, or meditating for 10 minutes and enjoying your own time. By being alone, you will be able to gather positive thoughts and be able to continue tomorrow better.

Increase creativity

The author of the book "Quite", Susan Cain, said that "Solitude is an important ingredient to enhance creativity". While Brainstorming is often referred to as a solution to produce creative ideas. Research shows that it can backfire. You may feel pressured when you are in a group and worry about what many people think about your ideas.
If conditions like that, you can be alone in your home, café or favorite place so you have a new space to open your mind and help you find new ideas.

Increase endurance

Have you ever seen someone who likes to grumble? You can give him advice to do me time. That method can make him happy and can affect a person's immune system. Based on research published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, people who have positive emotions such as happiness, calm and energy usually rarely suffer from flu. You can get this positive emotion after you spend your time alone.

Reducing the risk of heart disease

Do you feel relaxed after you do cream bath or reflection? If so, maybe many people feel calm. You can spend your time with hobbies or activities that will make you more relaxed. After that, you will be happier. Based on research conducted by the European Heart Journal, someone who feels happy can reduce the risk of heart disease by 22%.

Feel the freedom

Solitude will provide freedom. Freedom to do what, when and how you want. This will be a rare thing along with increasing age and endless busyness. Taking time for yourself and spending time alone doing whatever you want can help improve mood, create balance, and enrich perspectives. It takes at least 1 day a week to be alone so you can release all fatigue in one week.

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